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Among the world’s oldest and largest life insurance firms, Sun Life Financial is a major client of our Philippines operation.

Following implementation, it was apparent that current processes were highly reliant on manual human interaction – a major operational risk.

In particular, Sun Life’s manual process for sorting and encoding transactions was of concern. Given the critical nature of the insurance market, delayed or inaccurate processing of documents could have a significant negative impact on customer satisfaction, should their claim be affected.

To address this, a systematic end-to-end workflow was established from document receipt, sorting, encoding, delivery to monitoring, and tracking.

BDO UNION BANK, Philippines

High-Volume Transition

Bringing on a new supplier can be a disruptive process – particularly when it comes to managing the existing workforce. Whether we decide to transition the current employees, or replace them with alternative resources, our objective remains the same – maintaining the level of service you expect.

Implementation project for BDO involved an examination of all aspects of client operations to determine where we could re-engineer and add value. Crucially, we identified that an average of 75,000 mailroom transactions was performed manually by operators each day.

Introducing potential for human error at this volume of transactions presented a significant operational risk to BDO. To address this, we developed Digital Hub – a unified solution to manage the end to end transaction management process.

Built from the ground-up for the unique APAC market, Digital Hub encodes, consolidates, monitors, and tracks each of BDO’s 75,000 daily transactions across their network of 1,300 branches.

Route Optimisation and Report

Schneider Electrical Australia

Beign one of the World’s biggest Electrical manufacturers Schneider had an urgent requirement to support the monitoring of their supply chain. The requirement was to have a simple dashboard with all delivery activities with proper insights on the delivery percentage.

Mobura was entrusted with this humungous task which we took as a challenge and responsibility to deliver a robust and easy solution. Within a span of 2 months we were able to deliver the solution which exceeded the expectations and we were awarded the continuous development of further enhancements and adons

Optimised Energy Solutions, Australia

Automation of Field Visits and Audits

Optimised Energy Solutions (“OES”) is an innovative global green technology company that designs, arranges manufacture, installs, and maintains energy-efficient lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial lighting market.

OES was struggling to put an efficient and automated system in place to handle field visits to audit current potential sites for a lighting installation. This involved the capture of building data, current light types, electricity bills, and operational information.

Upon understanding the problems in detail Mobura introduced an automated Smart Jobs platform that combined its collaborative workflow platform, logistics management, and remote data capture via mobile devices.

Our Smart jobs mobile app linked to the Cloud-based dashboard captures the initial audit details and transfers in real-time to the cloud dashboard for integration into the OES modeling system. All data and associated photos and notes are instantaneously captured and stored in the cloud database.

With the installation of our Customised SmartJobs solution, OES had an immediate and significant increase in efficiency, decrease in costs and improved sales with property managers enthusiastic for an instant maintenance notification system, lowering their own maintenance overheads

We enabled OES to access the technology that was equivalent to the best of the major infrastructure companies deployed but at a fraction of the cost. 

Website ReDesign

Drake Business Corporate

Drake International were an early innovator in workforce management solutions, helping pioneer the concept of flexible staffing in North America.

Expanding globally over the intervening decades, Drake International is today represented on nearly every continent, providing a comprehensive service suite across all facets of Human Resource Management.

We had the privilege to make the Online Presence of Drake Business International more elegant by providing our Web Design and Development Service.

EnteParking Smart Parking Solution

Parkmee introduces smart solutions to better manage the available spaces to their maximum capacity. The supply of parking depends directly on the space available in the considered area. Parkmee intendes to optimise parking spaces to such that it maximises the usage of the space while ensuring that the space remains easily accessible.

Parking is always related to the problem of space. With the growing culture of automobile dependency in Indian cities, the demand for parking spaces has sky rocketed. This is especially because the infra-structural growth of our cities is unable to keep up with the growing demand for spaces to park. The resultant scarcity of parking space has begun to spill over to other aspects of urban life in the form of congestion, fuel loss, dispersed land use and low air quality.

Creative, Effective, Motivated, Experienced, Innovative, Responsible, Problem-solving person. Innovates solutions wherever and whenever needed in the right proportions.

Prasanth Joseph

Founder / CEO

25 years of Experience in multiple verticals of Business. Currently focusing on turning around Startups to Success from Scarth by being real support and motivator and Strategic Guidance

John Strong

Off Shore Director

Bestowed with a DEOR attitude which makes him the most valuable team member of our company. A fast learner and friendly behavior makes him the top pick for the Client Relations

Ami T hatha

COO / Client Relations

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